November 01, 2011

Flowers are red


sonok sgt lagu ni..wktu first time dgr kt hndset kwn,trus jtuh ati..tmbh2 part that little boy tu nyanyi..hehe..

this song is synopsisly about a little boy yg bru msuk skolah..wktu that female teacher asked them to paint..the little boy paint so many colours for flower..cikgu tu x puas ati,for her, there's no colour for flower except red..daun plak msti wrna hijau..the boy argued and said that flowers ada macam2 colour sepertimana rainbow yg mcam2 colour..dan dia prnah nmpk..but the teacher still want to win and force him to follow what she taught..and finally,that boy ikut apa yg teacher tu ckap..until he moved to another school..when one art teacher there asked to paint..the boy paint the flowers and leaves like what he learnt before at previous school..but his teacher at his current school told him that there's so many colours for flowers..lastly that boy happily ever after bcoz his teacher satu kepala dgn dia..huhu

that's all..enjoy the song k..^_^


p/s: permulaan bulan yang happening..huhu..moga berterusan..:-)

as colourful and flowerish as my heart..^_^

:::Bidadari Dunia Mencari Cinta SejatiNYA:::


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